We began back in 1994 as ART SQUARE GROUP, an advertising agency servicing various blue chip companies before subsequently diversifying into publishing. Sustained success consequently saw the establishment of GEMPAK STARZ, our graphic novel publishing arm in 2001. By 2013, our output was over 250 publications of various genres from acclaimed local, regional, and international artists.

In November 2015, we joined forces with KADOKAWA CORPORATION, Japan’s leading entertainment content provider and renamed ourselves KADOKAWA GEMPAK STARZ. Now, we are in the midst of advancing ourselves – from being Malaysia’s biggest publisher of comics and graphic novels to becoming one of the world’s most prolific creators of creative content.

With KADOKAWA’s 70-plus years of experience and know-how fuelling our rise, we are positioned to grow into a broad-based media company boasting a diverse multiplatform portfolio, including animation, games, and other digital and multimedia content in addition to our comics, novels, and magazines.

At the very heart, we are a creative company. We are KADOKAWA GEMPAK STARZ.


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Continual change is key to achieving our mission. We envision ourselves as a company that effects positive change not only in ourselves but also in the lives of the people we touch. Therefore, we have set a number goals, each represented by the individual letters of the word ‘CHANGE’, to steer us towards that which we wish to accomplish.  

Creative – To create original content that is inspiring and infotaining.

Creating original content that not only encourages and uplifts people but informs and entertains them is at the heart of what we do and is a task we take very seriously. 

Happiness – To bring smiles to everyone.

Happiness engenders more happiness. There is nothing more rewarding to us than putting smiles on the faces of our consumers, clients, distributors, retailers, partners, staff, and all we come into contact with.

Advance – To advance the frontiers of creative expression.

We wish to extend and push past the limits of how creativity is commonly expressed by constantly experimenting with new and unique ideas, concepts, and media.

Network – To make connections and build alliances.

No man is an island and no organisation is either. We believe in connecting with people and forming genuine friendships to build strong, winning networks. This applies to the vertical and horizontal relationships within our organisation as well as our business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) relationships.

Global – To extend our reach worldwide.

We are not content to be the largest publisher of comics and graphic novels in our country. We want to extend our reach worldwide and become a global household name in the creative content industry.

Empower – To empower future generations.

It is our wish to empower future generations by offering them knowledge and inspiration, along with the means to be creative and follow their dreams.


Our mission is to become a leader in the creative content industry and enrich people’s lives through innovative, cutting-edge media mix strategies.

We believe in aiming high; not content with only shooting for the stars, we want to rock them. Becoming one of the world’s best producers of creative content is not just some lofty ambition but our very purpose. Having said that, developing great content means little if it does not add value to people’s lives. For that reason, as part of our game plan, we utilise multifaceted media mix strategies to deliver our content to our consumers.



Collaborated with Animonsta Studios to produce ‘LAWAK KAMPUS X BOBOIBOY GALAXY: SUPERIOR’ special edition comic book.

Participated in Pameran Kartun & Kita (Cartoon & Us Exhibition) at Muzium Negara.

Celebrated Lawak Kampus’s 15th anniversary with an exhibition at the National Art Gallery.

Launched GEMPAK & COMIC KING online news portals.

Launched a new IP project: BOBO & BRUNO.

Launched Comic King 360°, an ACG and creative content creation YouTube channel.


Launched GEMPAK STARZ Store and made our products available on various Malaysian e-commerce marketplaces.

Made our e-publications available in various e-book stores.

Published the first issue of Japan Walker Magazine in Bahasa Malaysia and English.


Collaborated with Astro to produce the comic adaptations of the films ‘Aliff Dalam 7 Dimensi’ and ‘Ola Bola’.


Launched MAGIC BEAN Malay-language version.

Collaboration with Kinokuniya Book Stores to produce the Kinokuniya 2015 LK customer privilege card.

Began selling The X-VENTURE: PRIMAL POWER Japanese language version.

Licensed copyrights to Taiwan and Thailand.


GEMPAK magazine goes digital with the launch of its own app.

Collaborated with Astro to produce comic adaptations of the films ‘Woohoo’, ‘Great Day’, and ‘The Journey’.


MAGIC BEAN organised sharing sessions on novel writing tips in Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, Johor, Perak and Penang.

Invited internationally renowned Korean sketch artist Kim Jung Gi for a sharing session.

Licensed copyrights to Taiwan.

GEMPAK STARZ becomes part of the KADOKAWA family.

Official LINE account reaches 1 million followers.


Zint awarded the Bronze Award for USER Volume 1 at the 7th International Manga Awards.

JINGGO animated series aired.

COMIC KING digital comic app launched.

Organised the first MAGIC BEAN Short Film Competition.

Organised the first MAGIC BEAN Novel Writing Competition.

Launched official Instagram account.

Launched official LINE account.


Lawak Kampus 10th Anniversary commemorated in an exhibition held at the National Visual Arts Gallery.

Created MAGIC BEAN, a new novel series brand.

Produced JINGGO, our first comic-to-animation adaptation.

Established TOYS GEMPAK STARZ toy line.

Licensed copyrights to:

  • Thailand SE – Education Public Company Limited
  • Vietnam Vang Anh Culture Co. Ltd

Published ‘Footsteps of A Champion’, a graphic novel chronicling the rise of World No.1 badminton player, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei.

Granted Platinum Superstar Karaoke permission to feature our characters as part of a comic-themed interior decoration redesign.

LOST LEGENDS went digital with the creation of the AR Cards and mobile app.

The grand opening of GEMPAK STARZ GALLERY, featuring unique displays specially conceptualised by GEMPAK STARZ artists.


Organised X’Pose and 100% Creative Fever exhibitions in partnership with Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur.

Collaborated with Converse in conceptualising and releasing ‘This is Street Clash’.

Developed and launched COMIC KING magazine app for iOS users.

Conducted GEMPAK STARZ ROAD TOURS in various states in Malaysia.

Licensed copyrights to:

  • China 21st Century Publishing House
  • Indonesia Pustaka Zahra
  • Thailand Banlue Publications Co. Ltd

Launched official Twitter profile.


Conducted GEMPAK STARZ ROAD TOURS, a joint-effort with prominent bookstore chains Popular and MPH, in Selangor, Perak, Penang, Johor, Kelantan and Sarawak.

Launched The X-VENTURE XPLORERS series, the brainchild of 9 elite comic artists.

GEMPAK STARZ exclusive short movie cum ad feature was aired on Animax.

Creative project with local band Manhand yielded a tie-in graphic novel.

Collaborated with Manga Black Box to produce digital comics; notable titles included MONGGO, JINGGO, JUICE, KAORU’S CAKE HOUSE, DAISUKI, and SILENT REVOLUTION.

Produced the graphic novel adaptation of Malaysian-Singaporean film ‘Lelio Popo’.

Works exhibited in both Beijing International and Frankfurt book fairs.

Licensed copyrights to:

  • Malaysia See Hua Daily News Bhd.

Launched official GEMPAK STARZ website with e-store.


More crossover projects.

Licensed copyrights to:

  • China Phoenix Publishing
  • Indonesia Mizan Publishing House
    PT Gramedia – m&c! Comics
  • Thailand Meedee All Media Co. Ltd

Launched official GEMPAK STARZ Facebook page.


Organised an exclusive 100% GEMPAK STARZ exhibition at Dasein Academy of Art in conjunction with the launch of COMIC KING issue #100 and the debut of the English language magazine POPCORN.

Collaborated with Radioactive to produce ‘Duct Tape Wallets’.

Contributed illustrations to ‘Old Master Q’ 45th Anniversary.

Collaborated with Cheezels to conceive the serial comic ‘Chez’.

Became a media agency for educational magazine publisher Hup Lick Publishing.

Inaugurated our Singapore branch office.

Licensed copyrights to Malaysia Oriental Daily News.


Licensed copyrights to Hong Kong Jade Dynasty Publications Ltd.

Launched LEARN MORE, a brand for educational publications.

Collaborated with Hong Kong comic artist Kenny Wong on ‘We Love Molly’.

Worked in conjunction with Maxis to publish ‘Hotlink Warriors’.

Partnered with Celcom to create ‘Channel-X’.

Teamed up with TM Point to produce a comic series published in UTOPIA magazine.

Published the Chinese language junior comic LITTLE MONITOR and the Malay language comic ELEMEN.


Further involvement in even more exciting and inspiring crossover projects.


GEMPAK STARZ artists recognised by being invited to the 8th International Comic Artists Conference in Hong Kong.


Expanded horizons by actively collaborating with local and international partners for crossover projects.

Extended our reach by licensing our comic copyrights to China.


Conceptualised and organised the Malaysia Comics Carnival (MCC).

Published COMIC KING Issue #1, a Chinese language info-comic magazine.

Launched Lawak Kampus, Malaysia’s most popular comic strip.


Launched the inaugural New Malaysian Comics Talent (NMCT) Competition


GEMPAK began featuring serialised comics such as MAT GEMPAK, JINGGO, and UNDER-18, all of which grew and gained a fan base that flourishes to this day.


Expanded and diversified into publishing.

Published GEMPAK, a Malay language info-comics magazine, creating a new genre in the Malaysian comics industry. It was an instant hit and quickly reigned over the market.

Started out as an advertising agency, servicing various blue chip accounts.
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